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Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust Launched for Jonah’s Children

Following the sudden and tragic death of global rugby icon Jonah Lomu in 2015, the New Zealand Rugby Players Association (NZRPA) established the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust for the benefit of his two children and their heirs.

The Trust is managed by the Trustees who are highly skilled professional individuals who are not related to the Lomu boys or family.  The Trustees will ensure 100% of the funds raised will go solely to benefit of Brayley and Dhyreille Lomu and their off-spring.   The Trustees serve pro bono. 

As New Zealand Rugby Players Association ceo, Rob Nichol, said at the time of the establishment of the Trust said: “Jonah always said his greatest fear was not being around to see his sons turn twenty-one. We feel there is no better way to honour his legacy and all he has done for rugby and New Zealand than to provide for what mattered most to Jonah, the future of Brayley and Dhyreille."

The objective of the Trust is directed to honouring that legacy. 

For those wanting to support the Trust’s objectives and Jonah’s children, click here to make a donation.

Download the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust Fact Sheet 

Click the link to download the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust - copy Trust Deed 10 December 2015.pdf

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